10 Things you can only find in Pretoria

We’re not talking about the Union Building or Jacaranda trees here, we are digging into those things that are authentically Pretorian, things that can only be found in Pretoria.

  1. Park Acoustics

This is where locals and others gather to enjoy one epic concert near the Voortrekker Monument. This concert features top names such as Matthew Mole, Goldfish, Taxi Violence and Gangs of Ballet to name a few. Remember, no bad vibes allowed. Image taken from the Official Park Acoustics website.

pretoria park accoustics


  1. Loftus Versveld and its colourful supporters

The Blue Bulls’ HQ where you’ll see a lot of blue, horns, some more blue and Steve Hofmeyr’s song, Blou Bul, blaring in the background.

loftus pretoria.jpg

blou bul pretoria.jpg


  1. Lucky Rodrigo

A chill restaurant and bar which not only serves good food but also hosts regular vinyl fairs. You can browse around for vinyl records or sell some in your collection to them. Image taken from Lucky Rodrigo’s Official Website.

Lucky rodrigo Pretoria.jpg

Lucky Rodrigo Pretoria 2.jpg


  1. Sinkhuis

Yet another special restaurant located on the corner of Lys and Parker. Start your morning off on the right foot with a proper breakfast in the “kleindorp” atmosphere. (Image source)

Sinkhuis pretoria.png


  1. Oppiplaas

The place where “Guests become friends”. Enjoy an authentic “boere” meal of juicy grilled meat and chips. Situated in the heart of Jacaranda, this restaurant is a special place to take your family. Image taken from Oppiplaas’ Official Website.

oppiplaas pretoria.png


  1. Menlyn Square

The hub of activity located in Pretoria lined with various restaurants to suit every taste. The atmosphere is synonymous with Jersey Shore vibes. Enjoy a night out and explore some of the local nightclubs. Party like only Pretorians can.


Source of gif

  1. Cubaña in Menlyn

Cubaña is one of the few places in South Africa where you can experience an authentic Cuban night out. Think cigars, mouth-watering food, cocktails with a lot of alcohol in them and add a lot of dancing. Their focus however, is to create a social caffé  atmosphere rather than a club.

Cubana Pretoria.jpg


Image source

  1. LC de Villiers

An iconic sports ground linked to the University of Pretoria where thousands of students take part in various sport activities. The indoor sports centre is decked out with an auditorium, barbecue area, indoor swimming pool, and rooms for medical practitioners while outside you will find a tartan athletics stadium, numerous squash courts and so much more.

LC devilliers Pretoria.jpg


Image source

  1. Statues

Pretoria is famous for its statues commemorating historical events. Some iconic examples include the Nelson Mandela statue, Chief Tshwane and Paul Kruger.

Statues pretoria.jpg


  1. The irresistible White chocolate and Macadamia Nut Blondie at Carlton Café

This delicious treat is regarded as an institution at this café. The Carlton Café caters to a variety of tastes and hosts the “Delicious Food Shop” where people can buy all sorts of deli food and tea.

carlton cafe pretoria.png

Image source


We have various routes to and from Pretoria. Book your bus ticket with Greyhound and take a trip to Pretoria; live like the locals do for a day or two.


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