South Africa’s strangest attractions in Pictures

If you look beyond the sunsets and Big 5 you will find some downright strange attractions in South Africa. From massive pineapples and shoes to a strange owl house, hop on board and take a tour through South Africa’s strangest attractions in Pictures.


  1. Massive Pineapple in Bathurst (image source)

You will find Spngebob Squarepants’ house above ground in Bathurst. This artificial pineapple stands 16.7m tall and the cost to visit this whacky attraction is nothing but a small donation. Browse through pineapple goods and watch a documentary in pineapple production on the observation deck.

pineapple bathurst south africa


  1. The Cat Statue in Aberdeen (image source)

Hope you’re not allergic. Petronella Lynz and her daughter have created a cat orphanage. This statue built in their honour, can be seen outside the Aberdeen Heritage Archive & Tourism Bureau. The cage does not pose any significant symbolism; it was only put there to protect the statue from being stolen.

cat statue south africa.png


  1. Giant Post box in Calvinia (image source)

This attraction wasn’t always a post box but rather an abandoned water tank which had been transformed into this wonderful attraction. The letters people post here are hand-stamped with a flower emblem.

giant post box south africa.png


  1. Spider Lady in Hanover

You would be surprised to know that it was in fact a woman who converted her house into a living museum of spiders. Her name is Marie de Jager and her living area is filled with cage upon cage housing tarantulas, scorpions and a variety of other spiders. Why she did it, no one would know.

spider lady hanover.jpg


  1. The Shoe House in Mpumalanga (image source)

It’s amazing what you can fit into a shoe! This attraction has an art gallery, small museum, Alfa Omega Cave, tea garden and a curio shop.

shoe house south africa.png


  1. Eco Shrine in Hogsback

As you walk through a tunnel of hazelnut trees a medieval scene will unfold before you. There is a 6m tree sculpture of an angel carved out of a redwood tree that was struck by lightning. Furthermore, tourists can marvel at the intricate mosaics as artists lead them on a tour explaining the inspiration behind each piece.

eco shrine south africa.jpg


Have you been to any of these strange attractions before? Share you stories with us, perhaps you have seen something stranger than this.

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