Things Only South Africans Understand


The names of streets change regularly.



We have regular car watches at our service.



Most of us still own gas lamps and candles due to loadshedding.


Gif source:


Most people don’t need an invitation to enter your home.


break in.jpg


We like our “wors” (sausage) either braaied or dried.


dry wors.jpg

braaied meat.jpg


We don’t know how to fill up our own cars.




The pole with a red, green and orange light is our idea of a 21st Century Robot.


Animated Traffic Light

gif source:


When someone offers you ice for your drink, you don’t say “Yes, please”. Instead, you say, “Met eish ja … met eish” and everyone nods in recognition.




Most of us just drive ourselves to the hospital during emergencies since there’s a good chance no one knows the number for an ambulance or the fire station.




Most of us have at least once, in panic, accidentally considered dialing 911 instead of 10111.


File:Call 911.gif

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Everyone has a Mr Delivery booklet stuck to their fridge.

mr delivery.jpg


Driving on the highway feels more like off-roading due to all the potholes.



People speak two different languages with one another and still manage to understand each other perfectly.


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When you turn eighteen you can drink and drive … just not at the same time 😉


party drunk alcohol party time drink up

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Our films and television shows must have subtitles not for the deaf but for those who can’t understand the other 5 languages spoken by the actors.


Doctor Who! GIF not mine.

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